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GSI—The World’s Largest Manufacturer of Grain Bins

GSI is the world's largest manufacturer of steel farm bins, commercial storage grain bins and grain silos. In addition, GSI offers the most advanced grain dryers in the industry, along with a large selection of material handling systems including grain bin sweeps, spreaders, chain loop systems, commercial bucket elevators and conveyors.

In a 5,000 square foot garage with only 3 workers, Craig Sloan helped establish Grain Systems (GSI) in 1972 and began manufacturing a wide variety of corrugated steel storage bins. Growing from one of the smallest storage bin manufacturers in 1972, GSI quickly became one of the largest in the world by 1988. Currently, GSI provides quality equipment and services to over 70 countries worldwide.

Why GSI? The answer is simple. Today's production requirements demand systems that excel in performance, and are reliable year after year. Ease of installation, maintenance, simple operation, durability, flexibility, and operation efficiency are all carefully considered in the design and construction of every GSI product. Our goal is to identify and react to the needs of the industry with quality products that help you achieve maximum return on your investment.

As a representative for GSI in Ontario, Earl Horst Systems, Ltd. brings a proven record of innovation, efficiency, and integrity. This winning partnership was first established in 1992, when Horst began to install GSI bins. With consistent and aggressive growth, Horst Systems is now recognized as the largest GSI dealer in Canada, competing annually for the highest sales volume among North American dealers.



·A Word From GSI
›Andy Stednitz

Vice President of North American Dealer Sales

"GSI and Earl Horst Systems have enjoyed a long relationship. As one of our top 5 dealers, EHS sets the standard for grain systems solutions in the industry. Earl Horst Systems is one of the best staffed, well equipped dealers in the industry and is well positioned to meet customers' needs well into the future."

›Tim Polley

GSI District Sales

"From a very modest beginning filling the needs of local farmers, Earl Horst Systems has developed into one of the leading full service distributors for the GSI Group. The staff has met and exceeded all of our sales and service training goals, and continues to add support people to both areas. Few (if any) distributors in the industry match the fabrication capabilities for new and repair items needed to meet the demands of the fast-growing farming industry. With their professional approach to design, sales and service they truly are a World Class distributor of GSI Products."

›Mitch Golleher

Past VP at GSI

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In early 1992, we decided to make Canada part of the domestic division at GSI. As we used to tell Craig Sloan, it only made sense since Canada was really just like northern United States! At that time I was promoted to the position of U.S. Sales Manager, working with Gene Wiseman in the United States.

We had a few dealers in Canada, but we just were not getting the coverage we needed. I had heard of a gentleman in Elmira, Ontario who had the capabilities to handle large projects as well as general millwright work. That's when I met Earl and Fern Horst. Earl, Fern, and GSI began what has become one of the most loyal relationships in the industry.
During this time we also started a new division at GSI, The Corporate Account division, which I led for five years. This is how GSI decided to really attack the commercial market, with concentration on large commercial projects. Earl Horst Systems fit this bill perfectly. Their growth was parallel with GSI's, and their ability to handle large-scale projects was second to none.

Most companies that have the capabilities of Earl Horst Systems only try to capture the larger, significant trophies. With Horst on our team, we had the ability to win them all — large and small.
I have been able to watch Earl Horst Systems grow, and watch the younger leaders such as Glenn and Wayne step into the forefront of the company. They do not back down from the challenges that face the partnership (GSI & Horst) in a most competitive industry. I am proud to call Earl and his Team a loyal GSI Dealer, and at the same time I am proud to be their friend.