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CSA Certfication for GSI Dryers

GSI Now Shipping Grain Conditioning Equipment Into Canada Following Canadian Certification

Approval means greater convenience, cost savings for customers

ASSUMPTION, Ill. (June 10, 2015) – GSI has become one of the first manufacturers of grain conditioning equipment to receive certification meeting new guidelines of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), under CSA 3.8-2014. The company is now shipping its gas-fired grain dryers into Canada, sparing customers the need for time-consuming and costly field certifications.

Under recently-updated CSA standards, on-site field certifications are waived for the complete series of GSI grain bin heaters, TopDry systems and portable dryers, as well as modular dryers that have an input rating not exceeding 12.5 million MBTU/hour. On-site field certifications will still be required for higher Btu-rated tower dryers that require assembly on-site because of their large size.

Eliminating on-site field certifications means greater convenience as well as significant cost-savings for farmers and commercial elevators. In addition, GSI dealers can better serve their customers by avoiding delays and other logistics associated with coordinating on-site certification.

“Obtaining certification to CSA 3.8-2014 is a very challenging process, and we’re pleased that our Canadian customers and dealers will benefit by the fact that GSI grain conditioning equipment is engineered to successfully meet these stringent requirements,” said Virgil Rhodes, GSI Conditioning Product Manager.


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CSA Certfication for GSI Dryers